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About MER

MER Enterprises LLC is an investment firm based in Austin, Texas, serving as Mark Rice’s family office. Founded by Mr. Rice in 2002, MER focuses on investing in private equity, venture capital, venture and lower middle market direct deals, search funds (entrepreneurship through acquisition), real estate, public securities, and alternative assets.  Under the MER umbrella, there is also an investment bank specializing in selling middle market ($10 million to $200 million) healthcare companies.  The MER family office includes 4 subordinate companies: 


  • MER Search Capital LLC, an investment fund providing funding to those pursuing entrepreneurship through acquisition 

  • RE Financial LLC, a real estate investment platform 

  • MER Enterprises LLC, an investment firm focused on private equity, venture capital, direct deals, public securities, and alternative asset classes

  • MER Advisors LLC, a boutique investment bank specializing selling lower middle market healthcare companies


The family office invests through several different platforms and makes a significant number of passive investments.  However, we primarily endeavor to maintain a narrower focus on direct deals in companies and real estate, engaging in a smaller number of direct deals at one time. This narrow focus allows us to bring greater value to each investment. Currently, we are placing a significant focus on investing in entrepreneurship through acquisition – providing capital to young entrepreneurs that are looking to acquire a business. We focus on long-term investments, using over 25 years of operating experience to play an active role as both an investor and advisor. 

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